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Mixing And Mastering From £50

This is our Mixing And Mastering package for bringing the best out of your music.

Submit your music to be featured on the Gospel Hydration Network.

We will focus on bringing the best out of your music and delivering you a professional sounding mix and master ready to match the biggest labels in quality.

For mixing, We offer:

Equalizer (EQ), Level Balancing, Stereo Panning, Multiband Compression, Reverb, Delay & other effects.

Saturation, Side Chain, Parallel Compression

For Mastering, We offer:

Dynamic EQ, Multiband Compression, Saturation (If required), Stereo widening with MS Processing. Matching the master loudness to industry/ Streaming services’ parameters.

Mixing And Mastering

Bringing the best out of your music.
This can be either We transfer, google drive, Dropbox etc
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Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa